Students could still have fun on a cruise even after seeing the Carnival

S-U students are fine taking a cruise.

Syracuse University's spring break is less than a month away. Their break comes just weeks after a carnival cruise went horribly wrong. That trip which landed the ship in Mobile, Alabama is not making students think twice about boarding a cruise either for spring break, or in the future.

Jake Gautney and his brother Shane Daley are both sophomores and are heading down to Mexico. Jake is not worried at all about traveling for spring break. "Yea, I guess I'm not really worried at all, just excited," says Gautney.

Their fraternity planned the vacation long before anyone boarded that Carnival cruise ship. "The idea starts in September, bringing it up, seeing who's interested and then just getting a bunch of guys who all want to go down there (and) have some fun," says Gautney.

Two Syracuse students who have both been on a cruise before are not letting this make them sea sick. Stephanie Parris is a freshman here at S-U. "It's a cruise, same thing as getting in a car and they have extensive precautions. The first day you get on the cruise you have to go through all these different, "what to do if," so I think I would feel pretty safe," says Parris.

Michelle Lee is also a freshman at S-U. "I would probably still be fine to go, my parents would probably disagree, but I'd still be fine to go. Depending on which line it was on," says Lee.