Students, parents and teachers in Baldwinsville mourn the loss of Jennifer Miles

Jennifer Miles

Over the past 24 hours, 11-year-old Colin Delaney has been flooded with memories of his favorite teacher who was killed tragically in a freak accident.

â??She was a great teacher,â?? Delaney says. â??She always made the class happy with no worries. If you mess up, it doesn't really matter and she was always happy and knew mistakes happened."

There are more difficult days ahead as he returns to McNamara Elementary School Monday after spring break.

To a school without Jennifer Miles, the teacher loved by so many.

â??It's going to be a tough day because I know she's not going to be there,â?? Delaney says. â??And a lot of people in my class had Mrs. Miles so they may be shaken up too."

Colinâ??s mother, Karin Delaney, had never seen her son connect with a teacher like that before.

â??She's just a wonderful teacher, a beautiful soul and they had a great connection."

Karin Delaney says Miles will always be remembered for her warm, genuine smile.

â??She always had a smile on her face. And you had a sense that she was a genuine person who really loved what she did and loved the community she did it in."

A community left behind, heartbroken, after losing a woman who touched so many lives.

â??She was really nice to me. She says her son she wishes he would turn out like me."