Stun gun found in carry-on bag at Ithaca Tompkins airport

Stun gun found at Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport / Courtesy: TSA

The Transportation Security Administration is investigating the discovery of a stun gun in a carry-on bag found at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport.

TSA screeners found the stun gun at the security checkpoint Tuesday morning. The carry-on bag belonged to a female passenger who was booked on a flight to Philadelphia.

Tompkins County Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene and confiscated the stun gun, which about the size of a cell phone.

TSA officials want to remind air travelers that weapons are prohibited from being brought in carry-on luggage. Some weapons are allowed to be transported in checked baggage, depending on local laws. Passengers are encouraged to check with local law enforcement prior to bringing any weapon to an airport.

You can review the list of prohibited items list on the TSA's homepage or download the myTSA application from the TSA homepage by clicking here.