SU #1?

The polls are not out til tomorrow, but SU could go to number one, and not just because of the Duke win

The Orange Menâ??s Basketball overtime win over Duke is one half of the equation.

The other half: Current No.1 Arizona lost to Cal on Saturday (SU beat Cal in Hawaii earlier this season).

So it seems logical that SU will be No.1 in the national polls this week.

Polls come out on Monday, but until then, there are other wins to savor:

~The longest win streak ever for SU (21-0, and counting)

~Another record attendance at the Carrier Dome (35,446, officially)

And if the excitement of last night's game has you eager for more, the rematch. SU travels to Duke on

February 22nd, just three weeks from now.

Meanwhile, in the 'one game at a time' approach, Notre Dame is next, at the Dome on Monday.

Students are continuing their Boeheimburg campout, in anticipation of tickets for that one.