SU basketball team loses one player, down another

The Syracuse men's basketball team has lost one player and another is not with the team for the current road trip.

According to the athletics department's communications office, Mookie Jones, who was a junior, has left Syracuse University for personal reasons and is currently not a member of the team.

Also according to the office, Fab Melo, a sophomore, is not with the team for the current road trip, which includes games against Notre Dame and Cincinnati.

ESPN is reporting that Melo is out because of an unresolved academic issue.

These are two separate and unrelated matters, according to Syracuse University. The athletics department says due to University policy and student privacy laws, no other details can be provided at this time.

Mookie Jones posted on his Facebook wall around 2:25pm saying, "I appriciate what Syracuse basketball has done for me I'm sorry to all of my fans but family is the most.important thing right now much love to everyone"

James Southerland tweeted to Chris Joseph at 2:14pm, "@Krisjo32 where's fab at?"

Southerland also tweeted at Feb Melo, "@Melo_elo51 where are u"

Fab Melo responded on Twitter only saying. "let's show 'em what our FAMILY can do!"