SU Chancellor asks for patience on Carrier Dome's future

Carrier Dome

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud responded Tuesday to statements made by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney saying a possible new stadium for Syracuse Athletics won't be built in downtown Syracuse.

Syverud said in a press release that the university has been exploring multiple options to renovate or replace the Carrier Dome. He said he will not move forward on any specific plans until efforts to determine which plan is best for the city and the university conclude, and all questions have been answered.

"I would hope that no community leader, including me, would be criticized for asking relevant questions before reaching a decision."

Mahoney said the

idea to build a new 44,000 seat stadium

on Fayette Street is "on the back burner" right now, partially due to Mayor Stephanie Miner's decision that the stadium is not a priority for the city right now. She said she, along with the state, do not want to push the project forward if the mayor is not also on board right now.

Miner said she was not against the idea of a new arena, but needed to know more about the plan before endorsing it. Miner wanted to make sure the arena would not cause issues down the road.

Both Mahoney and Miner said the idea could be revisited at a later date.