SU Chancellor says weather related closings are 'a sign of weakness'

<font size="2">SU Chancellor Kent Syverud</font>

In online blog post, Chancellor writes of other "wimpy schools where a mere forecast of flurries sends people in panic."

In what amounts to an open letter to the Syracuse University community, Chancellor Kent Syverud takes on the issue of snow days. Syverud indicates he wrote the open letter last week, when afternoon classes were cancelled. Students on that day took to using dining trays to sled down Crouse College hill. Click here for video of the sledding.

The Chancellor is no fan of snow days. In the blog post he writes, "Having grown up in upstate New York during the previous millennium, I regard any closure for weather as a sign of weakness. But seeing the sheer joy of our students sliding down the hill is great compensation."

The Chancellor also takes on other universities and other cities where, "a mere forecast of flurries sends people in panic to markets to hoard milk. In Syracuse, we can handle anything you throw at us and convert it into a toboggan run," he writes.

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