SU fans pack Boston for tonight's game against Ohio State

The crowd at the TD Garden in Boston on Thursday was overwhelmingly Orange and even more Syracuse fans arrived Friday and Saturday. Fans waiting to get into the official SU Pre-Game rally at West End Johnnies were lined up for almost a city block at 3pm when the doors opened. Syracuse hasn't been in the Elite Eight since 2003 and many fans said they didn't want to miss a historic win. A lot of recent arrivals were still scrambling for tickets. The number of people looking for tickets around the TD Garden greatly outnumbered the one or two sellers on Saturday afternoon. One fan said the StubHub ticket resale office told them 80% of the buyers were wearing Orange. The game starts at 7:05pm on CBS 5. Follow Sports Director John Evenson and Reporter Alex Dunbar on Twitter for live updates from the game. @cnyevenson @AlexDunbarNews