SU Fans prepare for big football game against top-ranked Clemson

Bert and Marie Bauer may live in Clemson, but they're diehard Orange fans who came all the way to Syracuse to cheer on the football team this weekend.

"Clemson is having a good year with their football team. It's orange, but a different kind of orange. We're here to root for Syracuse," says Bauer.

It's been more than a decade since the SU football team has played a high ranking team like Clemson and the excitement is already spilling over onto Marshall Street. Dave Jacobs is the owner of Shirt World, which is expecting a lot of business this week.

"From a business standpoint, you can't beat it. If the weather is going to be nice, people are going to be up. It's a 3:30pm game. You get before, you get after so it's going to be exciting for all of us up here," says Jacobs.

Not only is Saturday's game one of the biggest in the football program's history, it's also the first game in the ACC conference.

Local hotels like the Sheraton are already at capacity with plans to cater to Orange fans. General Manager David Heymann is expecting a very busy weekend.

"We have a welcome reception on Friday when the guests check in and then we have a big tailgate party on Saturday so there's going to be a lot of entertainment, food, music. It's going to be a great day," says Heymann.

The Bauers have some friends sitting on the other side of the field but say there will be no animosity.

"No I don't think so, but we'll both have orange on, just different shades," says Bauer.