SU fans react to Coach Marrone's NFL offers

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone is a hot commodity. After an eight win season with the orange, including last weekend's Pinstripe Bowl victory, NFL teams like the Buffalo Bills, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Cleveland Browns are taking notice.

At the Tullys in East Syracuse there seems to be a consensus among SU fans. While they're not surprised coach Marrone got the offers, they're keeping their fingers crossed that he doesn't take them. Joe Sorbello was sporting an orange shirt when he spoke about his hope that Coach Marrone stays put.

"I'm not surprised he's got the offers but I'd be surprised if he took them. I think he's a great coach and everyone recognizes it. Hopefully we can hold on to him," says Sorbello.

Sporting an SU baseball cap, Lucas Craner says Marrone has earned the recognition.

"I'm really not surprised because he took a team that was dead last in the big east conference and help them go all the way to the Pinstripe Bowl," says Craner.

Dave Distefano, also wearing orange and blue, says Marrone still has more work to do in Syracuse.

"I hope he doesn't because even though they ended their season on a good note, I think he still has more work to do to get them to be a better program," says Distefano.

Marrone came from the NFL,serving as the offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints for three seasons. He said taking the job with his alma mater was a dream come true.

"Maybe one day he might be on the hall of fame in Syracuse," says Craner.

SU fans hope he sticks around so their dreams can come true too.