SU game means changes to pre-scheduled Saturday events

For events looking to draw in crowds on Saturday evening, the S U game is presenting some challenges.

Tap into the MOST is scheduled for 6:30 to 9:30. The fundraiser, in its 9th year, is always on Final 4 weekend, with big screen tvs for the 900-plus guests to watch as they sample beers. This year, with SU playing, the timing is tough. Tony Ortega, MOST executive vice president, says they'll extend the event until halftime of the SU game, after 9:30, but then guests will have to leave. 'Everyone will head out into the Armory,' Ortega says, and enjoy some of the establishments in the Armory for the second half of the game, or they'll be able to head home and catch the second half on their home TVs.'

Symphoria is also in a timing dilemma, with its Saturday night concert starting at 7:30pm and ending about 9:20. Musician and board member Jon Garland says they're working out how to keep people in the Mulroy Civic Center past their intermission (the second half includes the classic Scheherarazade), and also for the post-concert invitation only sponsor's reception.

Downtown Syracuse restaurants, like Wise Guys Comedy Club, plan to have the game on in the bar, but are also considering wide screen tvs in the dining area.

In Oswego, the War of 1812 Sympsium will have finished its Saturday history session by game time, but they're looking at inviting out-of-are attendees to watch the game together at a city bar.

And, SU's Final Four appearance is making for good times, for tv sales. "Especially big screen," says Dave Murray at Ra-Lin. "You can have a party and invite 50 people and everyone can see the tv." Ra-Lin saw a sale spurt last weekend for Sweet 16, and they expect it again as Final Four time approaches.