SU game overshadowed by Fine allegations

The SU Basketball Team was playing Colgate on Saturday afternoon at the Carrier Dome, but the game was almost the side story. Local and national media are covering the Bernie Fine story, and allegations of sexual abuse towards the Associate Head Coach. Fine has been placed on administrative leave while the allegations are investigated by police.

Head Coach Jim Boeheim continued to support his friend Fine of 50 years after the game. "I've been friends 50 years with coach Fine," said Boeheim, "and that buys a lot of loyalty from me ,and should.

Coaching without Bernie Fine by his side on Saturday, Boeheim's Orange dominated their opponent with a 92-47 win. The bench led the way with Dion Waiters contributing 16 points, James Southerland adding 14 points and C.J. Fair close behind with 13. Scoop Jardine also had 11 points and 6 assists for the Orange. Boeheim spoked after the game about how his team was able to stay focussed through all of the distractions. "I TMve talked to our players many times about basketball, about their lives and what they have to do. What we try to get our players and coaching staff to do is you have about 22 hours in a day that you do what you need to do and you don TMt even really have to think about basketball. Two hours a day you come in here"I think it TMs two and a half -- and you think about basketball. You focus on basketball. You have to be able to come in and focus on what you TMre doing when you come to play. That TMs what we do.

Boeheim was hesitant to talk about the Fine situation at first, and while he admitted he may have already said too much in the past couple of days, he certainly wasn't changing his views."I'm very confident I've taken the right stance and said the right things, and now we'll let this thing play out and whatever the results are the results are."

Boeheim also wanted to clarify his stance when one reporter asked what Boeheim meant earlier this week when he said that he's no Joe Paterno. That whole thing came about from kind of ranting about stuff. This is the only thing I TMll talk about because that bothered me. When Coach Paterno said ~I didn TMt do enough, I could have done more, TM it was that kind of reference. If I had heard something or something had happened or something happens today -- then I am going to do something. It was kind of that reference. It was not meant to be what it was turned into."

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