SU grad, Connecticut TV personality reminds us why we shouldn't eat off the floor

A Syracuse University graduate and Hartford Connecticut TV meteorologist reminded us all why we shouldn't eat off the floor this morning, while LIVE on the air.

WSFB's Scot Haney was running to join his morning show co-anchors at the anchor desk when he noticed what he thought was cereal lying on the floor.

He thought he brought Grape Nuts to work with him, and that a little bit had spilled on the floor, so he reached down for a snack -- but the look on his face when he was chewing revealed it was not the snack he thought it was.

"It's a little soggy, they taste like shoes," Haney said on-air, as his co-workers looked at him in disgust.

Instead, it was cat vomit. He had tracked it into work on his shoes.

Joe Zone, the former Sports Director at WSTM NBC 3, also works at the station.