SU Greek life students unofficially break world record for PB&J sandwiches made, while fighting hunger

SU students bring sandwiches to be counted


t's a simple recipe, peanut butter and jelly.

Karlie Mahan was at the event aimed to help fight hunger. "It was like a speed race to make as many peanut butter and jelly's as you can. We were like working up a serious sweat over there," says Mahan.

For these Greek Life students, that simple recipe is helping to feed hundreds of people at Syracuse's Samaritan Center.

The students were given an hour to make sandwiches to feed the hungry, but after only 20 minutes all the bread was gone.

David Arturi is a sophomore at Syracuse University. "We want to care about the homeless, but we're kind of sheltered from it not being off the hill. SO for us to realize that there's more for us to do than just be students and just go to Greek life events is something very important," says Arturi.

They made 1800 sandwiches, enough to feed every person coming into the Samaritan Center for over a week.

Tyler Hedge is a senior at SU."T

his is great I mean we try to be a part of as may service event as we can and this one happened so fast and there was just such an outpouring of support for this one it was great

," says Hedge.

Karen Belgrader is with the Samaritan Center. "It's an amazing feeling, I wasn't sure how many people would be here today, but the involvement of the students from Syracuse University and the fraternities and sororities who are a part of this, amazing response," says Belgrader.

Evan Konecky is a Graduate Assistant with Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. "Right now this is pumping me up, because they're doing what their founders intended them to do. Was to give back, have fun and... It's just a great event, I'm speechless right now," says Konecky.

To make feeding the hungry even more fun, this group of students unofficially broke the world record for most peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made in an hour. Doing so by making more than a hundred more than the current record holder. Next year they plan to have a Guinness representative here to make everything official.

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