SU legend's widow celebrates 100th birthday

Reggie Schwarzwalder got an early start to her 100th birthday.

"Well it's pretty exciting, I can tell you that," she said.

An exciting milestone she celebrated with friends and family Sunday night at Drumlins Country Club in Syracuse.

Among the distinguished guests, her great grandson who wore the exact orange and blue tie his great grandfather, Ben Schwarzwalder, wore when he roamed the Syracuse sidelines decades ago.

"It's amazing, I've never been to a 100th birthday before and especially because she's my great grandma it makes it real special," said Dale Saferstein.

Reggie was married to legendary SU football coach Ben Schwarzwalder for nearly 60 years. Schwarzwalder coached the Orange for more than two decades, leading Syracuse to its only championship in 1959 with heralded running back Ernie Davis.

Former Orange players said Reggie became a mother-like figure while they were in school.

"In fact Reggie, in 1959, helped our future brides of Bob Yates and I when we got married at the Cotton Bowl," said Ger Schwedes, a senior captain on the '59 team. "Reggie was the force behind the arrangements."

Reggie has seen her fair share of SU football and still keeps tabs on the current SU football team, attending most home games.

She said she doesn't have a secret for living such a long and fulfilling life -- but did say she take an exercise class everyday.