SU Public Safety Officer reflects on the night lightning struck

Syracuse University Public Safety Officers Stan Prue and Ed Weber were on overtime detail Sunday night near the South Campus. Just seconds after Officer Prue got out of the car to stretch, lightning struck.

"I turned my back to him and the next thing I know there was an explosion-type or a blast,â?? Weber said of the lightning strike. â??To me, threw me back into the car, into the side of the passenger side seat. It dazed me. I heard the blast. I really thought we got shot."

Officer Weber was able to check on Prue and found he was conscious, but having trouble breathing. Weberâ??s training kicked-in and he made the call that an officer was down.

In his 40 year law enforcement career, Weber says the lightning strike was like nothing he had ever experienced.

"I've been shot at. I've been stabbed in the back a couple times. I used to work for the Sheriff's department and did fatal accidents, so I was involved with death all the time, but I've never had a police officer next to me that close to death." Weber said.

Officer Prue is still in intensive care at Upstate Hospital, but Weber says his condition has greatly improved since Monday.

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