SU students combat alcohol poisoning with 'Be Wise' campaign

'Be Wise' campaign generating awareness about alcohol poisoning on Syracuse University campus.

To address the problem of alcohol poisoning on the Syracuse University campus, a new student-run campaign called "Be Wise" was launched by the Division of Student Affairs and student run public relations firm, Hill Communications.

Megan Ciasullo is the account executive and Brittani Coe is the account supervisor of the "Be Wise" campaign.

With the wise owl as its mascot, the message is to make students aware of what alcohol poisoning looks like so they know when it's time to call 911.

The purpose of this campaign is not to tell students not to drink, but rather to equip them with knowledge and information to make safer decisions for themselves and their friends if they choose to drink.

"The goal of the campaign we always say is not to tell students not to drink but to just be wise when they do," says Coe.

With an emphasis on social media, the hope is the campaign made by students for students will resonate.

"We don't want the students to feel like they're being lectured by somebody because they get that Monday thru Friday from their professors. We want them to feel like they're being taught about this campaign from their peers and their friends," says Ciasullo.

Statistics from the website show there were 165 incidents of extreme intoxication during the 2010-2011 academic year at Syraucse University. Nationwide, around 1,800 students die from alcohol related injuries.