SU students take a stand in the Trayvon Martin shooting

Trayvon Martin

Monday night, hundreds of Syracuse University students took a stand and joined the movement in honor of a 17-year-old black male, killed in Florida.

They say Trayvon Martin, 17, was caught in a situation that could have happened to any one of them.

"My first reaction was that could have been my brother, my cousin," said SU Graduate student Keneshia Grant. "It hit close to home and I felt like I had to do something. The goal is to educate Syracuse University about this case, get them to rethink race in America, so these things can cease to exist in our society."

Monday night, people of all colors dressed just like Trayvon, wearing hoodies, like the one he had on the night he was killed.

Many also wore a sign with Trayvon Martin's picture hanging around their necks. The image of a young smiling teen, has only spurred the outrage over his death. Martin was killed by a community watch member who claims the shooting was in self defense. Martin was unarmed and officials say he had just skittles and an iced tea in his pockets.

One month after the deadly shooting, there have been no arrests. And for advocates across the country there has been no justice.

SU student Gregory Alexander helped organize the event. "No childs life should be taken, without accountability on someone's part," he said.

"Hopefully we as educated college students can finally take a stand and make sure our generation is progressive instead of complacent about all the injustices in America," said SU student Nathan Woods.

Similar rallies have been held across the U.S. in recent days and weeks. Another is scheduled in Armory Square in downtown Syracuse on Friday at 6:30 PM.