Summer camps and heat: How they're keeping your kids safe

Kids beat the heat with popsicles at East Hill school on Wednesday / photo: Jessica Cain

Hundreds of Central New York children will spend part of their summer at a day camp or sports camp. Now that temperatures are soaring, we're checking into how those camps are keeping children safe from the heat.

The Camillus Parks and Recreation Department holds a day camp for about 150 kids. On Wednesday morning at East Hill Elementary School, workers were taking extra precautions to make sure children didn't get overheated.

Kids took plenty of water breaks and ate popsicles to stay hydrated. Fans were set up, and the kids rotated between indoor and outdoor activities, so they had a chance to escape the heat.

In case any children did get overheated, the camp workers are trained in first aid to help, and if any serious problems occur, the workers will call for emergency help.

There was also a lacrosse camp being held at East Hill on Wednesday. For athletes, the heat can present additional problems. The lacrosse players took more breaks than they usually do. They also made sure to spend plenty of time in the shade and drink plenty of water.

We also caught up with kids at Schiller Park who were taking a dip in the pool to cool off.

"I was having fun playing with my friends and just really enjoying the pool," said Nathaniel Cummings, 8.

How do you keep your kids safe when it's hot outside? Do you have a favorite place you take them to stay cool? Post your comments below!