Summer months are the most dangerous for teenage drivers

Summer months are the most dangerous for teenage drivers. AAA says 7 of the 10 deadliest days on the road fall in May, June and July.

That is a big concern for many parents. "I actually have a teenage driver at home, she's 18 and just got her license. So I'm pretty conscious about it. She's had a little skid off the road but I actually feel she's a good driver," said parent Matt Gould.

Officials say lack of experience can be a big factor in crashes. They urge parents to continue to educate their kids on the rules of the road plus how to deal with distractions.

"Limiting that amount of distraction helps prevent crashes," said NYS Trooper Jack Keller. "Safety doesn't take a day off."

Studies show teenage drivers get in 3 times as many fatal crashes compared to older drivers and they are most at risk during their first year behind the wheel.

And 60 percent of teens have a reported collision that first year. Thursday morning, there was a serious crash on Pompey Center Road which sent 17-year-old Adam Yeates to the hospital. Thursday night, he was listed in serious condition.

Last May, 17-year-old Victoria Deverso was killed in a car crash on Route 31 in Bridgeport. Deverso was riding in the car that 18-year-old Chelsea Kuss was driving, police say Kuss was drunk behind the wheel.

"Kids have just got to learn to be safe," said parent Gene Gabbard who has a teenage driver. "I tell her to drive defensively but it doesn't seem to sink in."

"I learned mostly from my dad and he was really adamant about checking mirrors and being aware of what's going on around me," said Julie Caruana.

Statistics also show crash rates double for teens who drive at night.