SUNY Cortland football hosts annual bone marrow drive on Saturday

After beating cancer, Clara Boyle pays a visit to her bone marrow donor John Stephens.

On Saturday the SUNY Cortland football team will hold its sixth annual â??Get in the Game, Save a Lifeâ?? National Marrow Donor Program Drive. The program is part of a national registry that attempts to match donors with people fighting bone diseases, like leukemia.

Though millions have registered as donors worldwide, only about 250 people found matches in the last year. In many cases, there's a 1-in-80,000 chance that a registered donor will be a match.

SUNY Cortland has added nearly 1,000 potential donors to the registry thanks to the â??Get in the Gameâ?? program and has helped save the lives of four individuals as a result.

In 2010, linebacker John Stephens registered for the program while visiting Cortlandâ??s campus as a recruit. Soon after, Stephens learned he was a match, and had the chance to save an infant battling leukemia 3,000 miles away. With Stephensâ?? donation, Clara Boyle was able to beat cancer.

The â??Get in the Game, Save a Lifeâ?? National drive will take place this Saturday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Corey Union on the SUNY Cortland campus.