SUNY Oswego remembers TV news icon Garrick Utley

Garrick Utley

Veteran TV newsman Garrick Utley passed away on Thursday from cancer. He was 74 years old. Utley has influenced many of his students who had him in classes he taught at SUNY Oswego.

Maeghan Roberts is an aspiring broadcast journalist. While she currently anchors in her broadcasting class. Roberts has a much larger goal.

"My dream job like I said would be the host of Meet The Press. I've just grown up watching that show and I'm really into politics. So I would love to tackle that," says Roberts.

Utley's career ranged from reporting on site during the Vietnam War to covering presidencies at the White House.

"His words were always very encouraging and he left with a very good guidelines to achieve my goals and get to where I wanna be," says Roberts.

Students and professors say the real world experience Utley brought to Oswego is going to be missed here on campus.

Dr. David Moody is a broadcasting professor at SUNY Oswego. "You're being taught by an icon, I mean this man is a legend when you think about what he had done in terms of NBC, The Today Show," says Moody.

Michael Riecke is also a broadcasting professor at SUNY Oswego. "The second he started speaking to you, including the students he was just so warm and caring an compassionate and I know served an an excellent mentor to many students on campus," says Riecke.

An icon which an entire campus will miss.

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