SUNY Oswego television website hacked with message about Syria

The student run television station at SUNY Oswego has seen its website hacked. It appears the hackers are sending a message about pending U.S. Military action against Syria. The top of the page simple says, "No War."

When you visit the website of WTOP-TV the screen is black, with a message that reads: "This is the morale operation for all of the oppressed Muslim and Turkish brothers and sisters in East Turkestan, Kirkuk, Egypt, Syria and all over the world. Have not forgotten any of you, all of those who fight in the cause of Allah live in our hearts, we follow your way." The message ends with, "All Hail the Islamic world, we're here!"

A link at the bottom of the screen send you to a Twitter account for @CyberWarriorTim.

CNYCentral reached out to the General Manager of WTOP, Matt Bishop. "We noticed the hacking at 11:00 a.m. Thursday morning and thought we had it fixed, but the message came back around 8:00 p.m.," Bishop said. He remains puzzled about why a hacking group would target students at SUNY Oswego. "I know there is a WTOP radio station in Washington, DC and I can only think that maybe they intended to target them and hit us out of ignorance," Bishop said. The students who run the tv station and website have been in contact with SUNY Oswego Campus Police - although it is not clear what they might be able to do about getting to the bottom of who hacked the website.