SUNY Upstate unveils new cancer research center

At Upstate Medical University, researchers searching for a cure for cancer will soon have a lot more help in the battle against one of the nation's deadliest diseases.

Doctor Ziwei Huang, director of Upstate Medical's new Cancer Research Institute, says the institute will employ more than a hundred new cancer researchers from across the country all working together to find a cure. " We're not talking about one or two or a few laboratory we're talking about more than one hundred laboratory, faculty, students and staff working together," Ziwei says.

Upstate's Weiskotten Hall will now serve as the hub for tens of millions of dollars of cancer research. The new institute will also offer more clinical trials so Central New Yorkers undergoing cancer treatments will have more options and more hope for the future.

Dr. Ziwei says the opening of the cancer institute makes Upstate one of the premier cancer research hospitals in the region. "I think we do have a real hope through research to find better medicine to cure and prevent and protect against this disease," Ziwei says.

In addition to the Cancer Research Institute, Upstate Medical University is also opening a state of the art cancer research center which is expected to open in the fall of 2012.

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