Supermodel promotes size 12 designs at Syracuse University

SU design student brainstorm ideas on evening dresses.

Michelle Lee has always had a passion for fashion, she's wanted to be a designer since she was eight-years-old.

"And, when I started getting to the age of 13, 14, I started becoming curvy and I'm short. So, of course it's more difficult to find clothes as well. And, since then I've always talked my mom about creating a line that was for all people," says Lee.

Bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
d, it's no doubt -- society has trained generations to zero in on only one type of style. But, for supermodel Emme, she's on a mission.

"We're go

ing to change the face of fashion," says Emme.

's why Emme came to her alma mater -- Syracuse University today -- to not only push for positive body image, but also to promote the creation of size 12 designs.


There are more woman that are curvy, but they're not plus size or the fit of plus size. They're more body conscious.
They might have more curves and there are very few clothing options," says Emme.

By catching the students just starting out on the design level

, she's hoping to alter the idea that just skinny is in.

Emme actually challenged the design students to make an evening dress. After the 2015 semester, she'll pick a winner. And, not only will Emme wear the winning dress at a red carpet event

there's a lot more prizes in store for these students. The winner will also receive a 12
Emme award and 500 dollars. And, back in the design studio, students are already brain storming ideas.

For Michelle Lee, she's just happy she's one step closer to her goal.


So, to be able to create an experience for people and for their friends and their family and be able to go to the same store and be able to find happiness, there couldn't be anything better," says Lee.

Changing the way we look at the designs and the people that are in them
, making fashion without limits.