Support for Central New York students returning to school after Newtown tragedy

Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, schools in Central New York are taking extra precautions and making sure parents know they have emergency plans.

Each school in the Syracuse City School District will have a crisis team that will be available Monday to assist students who are struggling to deal with the Connecticut tragedy. Syracuse Superintendent Sharon Contreras was at H.W. Smith School on Monday morning.

In a letter posted to the districtâ??s website, Contreras writes, "We understand that some of our students may be impacted by what is being reported on the news. Our schools are ready to help these children deal with this situation. Every school has a crisis team that will be available on Monday morning to assist students who are struggling in dealing with the Connecticut tragedy."

The Syracuse City School District says they met over the weekend to look at their security policies. The district says additional security measures were put in place after the meeting.

State Police are proving support to elementary schools statewide, according to the Homer Central School District, "by providing each building with an officer tomorrow [Monday] morning as a reassurance and a show of compassion to staff, students and parents."

The Homer Central School District says it will provide teachers and staff with guidance on talking to children about the tragedy at Sandy Hook. They will also send home a letter for parents with guidance on talking with children at home. Superintendent of Homer Schools, Nancy Ruscio, says the District Safety Committee plans to review "all aspects of safety in Homer schools" in the coming weeks.

Superintendent of Liverpool Central School District, Dr. Richard N. Johns, reminds parents in a message Friday of the security measures the district has in place. Dr. Johns says he encourages parents to reassure children that school is a safe place for them.

Superintendent of the West Genesee Central School District, Christopher Brown, posted a new blog on Sunday. He writes, "I have never thought that what happened in Connecticut could not happen at West Genesee, or any other school for that matter." Brown notes some of the schoolsâ?? safety precautions but says the systems will be under review. Brown says there will be additional police presence in the schools, but did not specify how long they will be there.