Supporters of marriage equality rally at Syracuse church

Supporters of marriage equality will gather at a Syracuse church tonight to celebrate the Supreme Court's rulings regarding same sex marriage.

CNY Pride will hold a rally at 5:30 p.m. at the First English Lutheran Church at 501 James Street. The event is open to the public. The LGBTQ community and their allies are expected to attend along with Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner.

"Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued two landmark decisions about marriage equality. On behalf of CNY Pride, I would like to congratulate all the married couples in New York, California, and the other 11 states and the District of Columbia whose marriages and whose rights states have been recognized as equal under United States law and local laws of their states," said CNY Pride Board President Dr. Bruce Carter. "I also want to extend our congratulations to the couples in the 7 additional states where domestic partnerships are recognized. We hope that these decisions will apply to you and your relationships and that full equality will apply to you as well. Finally, we also want to recognize that 29 states continue to actively discriminate against their own citizens in failing to recognize marriage equality for all."

Marriage equality was this year's theme for the CNY Pride Parade and Festival held on June 15 in Syracuse.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, a staunch supporter of marriage equality, also issued a statement regarding the Supreme Court's decision. "Harvey Milk once said hope will never be silent. Today we saw hope scream. The Supreme Court's decision today gives families in Syracuse, across New York, and across the country the legal legitimacy to match their love and devotion. It is a victory we can all celebrate and one I take to heart. Since taking office, I have been a staunch supporter of marriage equality. I joined the Mayors for Freedom to Marry coalition. In July 2011, I proudly opened City Hall to perform same sex marriages the first day I could. The fight for LGBT equality is important to all Americans. It is not yet over but it is an honor to stand with our brothers and sisters honoring this achievement today."