Surprise benefit held for man after construction injury

A local man will get a big surprise tomorrow, as a reward for his hard work recovering from a construction accident.

Robert Enfield was hurt when a steel beam collapsed at a Yale construction site in mid-November. One worker was pinned to the ground and later died. Rob was critically injured.

Now, Rob's friends and family members are holding a benefit for him at the Change of Pace bar in Syracuse from 3pm-8pm tomorrow. So far, seventy baskets have been donated to be auctioned off.

"It's overwhelming," says Rob's wife, Shellie. "I could never thank anybody enough. I have the greatest friends and the greatest family."

Rob's sister, Kellie Enfield-Goss, flew in from Arizona for the event. She says she's looking forward to seeing the look on Rob's face when he realizes how many people care about him. She says, even during the toughest days, Rob never lost his fighting spirit and sense of humor.

"At one time, he had opened up his eyes, and I said, 'Are you tired of seeing my face?' and he shook his head yes," says Enfield-Goss. "I said, 'That's my brother!'"

Rob has worked hard since the accident to recover, spending six weeks doing physical therapy, trying to heal broken bones and regain full use of his arm and leg.

Shellie says Rob has a lot of work ahead of him, but she's confident he can do it.

"A miracle," says Shellie. "That's what every person, every doctor, every psychologist said. It's a miracle."