Survivor of Herkimer County shooting rampage played dead - said Lord's Prayer

One of the men to survive the shooting spree that killed four men in Herkimer County in March is talking about the ordeal for the first time. Barber John Seymour was in his shop, finishing cutting the hair of a man who would eventually be shot to death. In a sweeping interview, Seymour tells the Utica-Observer Dispatch he thought the killer was showing him an umbrella when he walked into the shop. "Why would he be showing me an umbrella?" 66-year-old Seymour thought as Myers raised up the long, dark object he had tucked against his leg. The dark object was a gun.

By the time Seymour realized what was happening, the man who's hair he had been cutting was slumped over him, dead. Seymour told the paper he held his breath, played dead and said the Lord's Prayer.

Authorities recently revealed Kurt Myers, the man who fatally shot four men, still had 50 rounds on him and another 45 in his vehicle parked outside the building where he was killed in a shootout with police.

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