Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure raises $500,000 to fight breast cancer

More than 6,000 Central New Yorkers took part in the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Saturday at the State Fairgrounds.

So far, $500,000 has been raised to help fight breast cancer.

Organizers said thatâ??s a slightly lower amount than last year and said several factors may have played a role, including several other charity races across the region this time of year and the Planned Parenthood controversy.

Ann Marie Otis, of the CNY Komen Foundation, said sheâ??s not dwelling on who didnâ??t show up or why, but rather the goal at hand â?? fighting breast cancer.

As they do each year, survivors wore pink shirts during the run and walk and tell CNY Central the morning is very emotional.

â??I look forward to seeing another girl in a pink shirt that I know is surviving,â?? said Diane Hall, a breast cancer survivor of 20 years. â??We hug each other and embrace each other and say we did it...we made it another year.â??

The Komen Foundation is still accepting donations.

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