Suspect now charged for allegedly killing Auburn mother, Katie Socci

murder indictment filed against David McNamara

D avid McNamara plead not guilty to one count of second degree murder in front of Judge Fandrick today in Cayuga County Court.

He is being charged in connection to the killing of 29 year old Katie Socci.

Socci disappeared on June 12th this year. Investigators say her body was later found near the Auburn-Fleming nature trail off Dunning Avenue. The Onondaga County Medical Examiner says Socci died from asphyxiation.

No bail was set because McNamara is already being held on separate drug related charges, and is scheduled to be sentenced to at least 3 years behind bars for that crime.

During a news conference following the arraignment, Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann says they have "admissions" in this case, but he would not elaborate.

Auburn Police Chief Gary Gianotta told reporters, "we have worked on this case everyday. We build a case until we have a preponderance of evidence."

Speaking for the Socci family, John Socci says, "This is a day we have been waiting for...nothing will bring Katie back." He had high praise for local law enforcement. He says, "From the very beginning, we were surrounded by professional and passionate people."

Sheriff David Gould told reporters this is domestic violence month and added, "This is a prime example of how agencies can work together."

A sealed indictment was opened in the courtroom. It states, "Committed on or about June 14th 2011 at approximately 8pm at 3 Swift Street in the city of Auburn in that the defendant David McNamara with the intent to cause the death of another person, caused the death of such person to wit: The defendant David McNamara intentionally caused the death of K.S. by asphyxia by intentionally strangling and or suffocating her."

The Cayuga County District Attorney indicated he has numerous statements that will be included in a pre-trial notice.