Suspected burglar at large after somehow stealing police car while handcuffed and locked back seat

A man is at large after stealing a Syracuse Police cruiser after officers put him in handcuffs and locked him in the back seat.

Officers were called to 320 Ashdale Avenue at about 2:21 am Friday for a burglary in progress. When they arrived, police found two men holding down 33-year-old Daniel Kantak, of Liverpool. A resident of the home told police that Kantak broke into her home and her boyfriendâ??s brothers were holding him down until police arrived.

The officers cuffed Kantakâ??s hands behind his back and put him in the back seat of the cruiser and locked the doors.

Despite being cuffed and locked in the back seat, police say Kantak was able to slip his cuffs to the front and climb through a small window that separates the back seat and the front and drive away. The officers were interviewing the burglary witnesses when they heard squealing tires and saw their cruiser speeding down Ashdale Avenue.

The officers jumped into another police car and tried to catch up to Kantak, but he was driving too fast and got away. Officers found the patrol car crashed on Court Street near Assumption Cemetery a few minutes later. The car had hit a utility pole, knocking out power to the area. Kantak escaped on foot and officers were not able to find him.

Syracuse Police are continuing the search for Daniel Kantak. He is currently wanted on charges of escape, burglary second, criminal mischief, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, criminal possession of stolen property and grand larceny.

Kantak was last seen near Assumption Cemetery. He was in handcuffs at the time of the crash and may have been injured.

Anyone with information is asked to call Syracuse Police at 315-442-5222.