Suspected robber arrested after KFC employees chase him down

Police arrested a robbery suspect Saturday after a slew of Kentucky Fried Chicken employees caught him as he ran from the scene.

Syracuse Police were called to the KFC on 825 Butternut Street for a reported robbery. Officers heard from 911 personnel that the suspect was chased down by some of the store employees and that they were holding him on the 800 block of Park Street, where he was taken into custody.

Investigators say that the suspect, 32-year-old Arturo Nollie, walked into the restaurant and told employees that he had a gun. A demanded cash and when the employees hesitated, Nollie jumped the counter and threw the cash register on the ground, causing it to open.

Police say Nollie then grabbed some cash and took off on foot, followed closely by several KFC employees.

Nollie was taken to St. Josephâ??s after complaining of difficulty breathing.

Nollie was arrested and charged with first degree robbery and will be arraigned when he is released from the hospital.