SUV just misses crashing into Onondaga home

Across Central New York Friday morning icy roads were giving drivers major headaches.

In Onondaga
, a driver lost control of her SUV on Mcdonald road, went airborne and ended up landing less than a foot from Jack Hayes's house. "We woke up to a huge boom that was my tree going down. We are pretty fortunate that it didn't hit the base of the house and hit the gas because if that happened it could of been a lot worse," he says.

Fortunately the driver of the SUV was not hurt.

This is the second time a car has almost hit Jack Hayes's house. Hayes says bad weather and bad drivers are a dangerous combination on Mcdonald Road. "It's quite a fiasco on bad days like right behind you right behind you right now is probably going to be an accident. They just don't get it you have to put the car in low gear take it slow, even with that its still dangerous," he says.

Hayes is also the Chittenango High School basketball coach.

This accident was just one of many across Central New York Friday morning as drivers struggled with the return of winter. Tow truck driver Roger Henson says a lot of folks just aren't ready for winter driving. "It caught a lot of people off guard people are used to the dry roads, all it takes is a couple of inches of snow and people slide off the road," he says.

One driver, Lisa Harteau, tried to be prepared and it still didn't work. "I'm not happy," she says, "I have snow tires on and its not helping."