Sylvan Beach back open, swimmers still banned at Verona Beach

Sylvan Beach looked empty while it was closed to swimmers

A popular swimming spot is back open.

Oneida County officials announded Tuesday afternoon that Sylvan beach is back open.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says testing determined the blue-green algae that was in Oneida Lake had dissipated, and toxin levels are no longer a public health risk.

"My first responsibility, and that of the Health Department, is to protect public health," Picente said. "I am happy to be able to report that the County Health Department in consultation with the NYS Department of Health has determined that as of today the blue-green algae bloom has dissipated and cyanobacteria toxin levels are no longer a public health risk."

Sylvan Beach and Verona Beach have been closed to swimmers since last Thursday because of the algae.

Picente says the Village of Sylvan Beach will work closely with the New York State Health Department to monitor for the potential of any more algae blooms.

Since Verona Beach is a state park, it falls under separate jurisdiction. Verona Beach's website says it is still off limits to swimmers.