Symphoria starts 'formal' season with new Managing Director

Symphoria, Central New York's symphonic orchestra, opens its 'formal' season on Saturday, with a new Managing Director.

Catherine Underhill joined the orchestra at the beginning of the month, coming here from Colorado, where she managed a summer festival orchestra that merged with a music school.

Underhill says working with different arts groups, and especially managing the Colorado merger, has given her insight and experience that she brings back to the Syracuse area, where she grew up.

Underhill says this 'new' organization is musician run and 'owned' and will be more sensitive to listener likes as well as budgets.

She's excited about the many different concert series being offered by Symphoria, including the 'classical' season opener this Saturday, at Syracuse's Mulroy Civic Center. A pops/movie themed series, a Sunday afternoon series, childrens' concerts, and music in various landmarks are also on the agenda.