Synthetic cocaine for sale in Syracuse

This synthetic cocaine was marketed as "glass cleaner" and purchased at Tebb's Head Shop in Syracuse.

Synthetic cocaine is a new, legal drug that can be purchased at a store near you. It's sold under names like "glass cleaner" or "pond water."

What is actually in the drug remains a bit of a mystery. "We don't know what's in it," said clinical toxicologist Dr. Alexander Garrard from SUNY Upstate Medical University . "We don't actually know the chemicals at this time. And who knows what else could be in it. Could be prescription medicine, actual very dangerous chemicals. It's again, like I've said before, chemical Russian roulette."

Poision control has been receiving calls about synthetic cocaine for about six months. Side effects of the drug include high blood pressure, racing heart, paranoia, and anxiety.

Calling the drugs things like "glass cleaner" or "pond water" allows manufacturers to market the drug as over-the-counter products, explained Dr. Garrard. Tebb's Head Shop in Syracuse is one such location that legally sells the product. So for now, synthetic cocaine remains legal.