Syracuse airport hoping to bring in a low cost airline

Competition helps bring airline ticket prices down but travel agent Joe Janowski from Travel Leaders in Liverpool says Syracuse needs a true low cost airline to get travelers some relief.

"You can see what's happened with the low cost carriers that were low cost carriers. Jet Blue when they came in the market, today Jet Blue's tariff is as high as anybody," said Janowski.

Syracuse Aviation Commissioner Christina Callahan says she has been talking with several discount airlines that see Syracuse as a viable market. Hancock Airport is in the midst of a $60 million renovation and Callahan says the airport has also worked to lower ongoing operational costs.

"We've seen what's happened in places like Buffalo and Plattsburgh where 20% to 30% of their traffic is folks coming in from Canada. We're in the same situation so we have access to almost three million people in our area," said Callahan.

Right now planes taking off in Syracuse are 90% full on average. That could also help attract a discount airline. Kara Dickinson travels to the Tampa area regularly with her family and is hoping a discount carrier moves into Syracuse. Dickinson regularly checks prices in Rochester and Albany to see if driving to another airport would be worth the savings.

"It's price - not to sound too cheap but when you're flying with more people it adds up really fast," said Dickinson

Southern destinations are the most popular for Syracuse travelers and Callahan says it is likely that a discount carrier coming into Hancock Airport would have a strong Florida presence.