Syracuse apartment complex resident worry after receiving utility shut off notices

Sunny Crest Manor Apartment Complex

Tina Knight was shocked recently when she found a notice from National Grid taped to the front door of her apartment building. It warned residents of the Sunny Crest Manor Apartment Complex that gas and electricity would be shut off on May 6th because the landlord owed more than $7,000 in unpaid utility bills.

"I think they're going to close the whole building down," Knight told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon.

Knight checked and found every other building in the complex next to Henninger High School near Eastwood received similar notices. Residents say they're not getting any real answers from the people who manage the complex.

Felicia Schramm is among hundreds of residents who worry about their futures. "I just want to know what's going to happen because my baby comes first. I don't know where else to go," said the mother of a 5-month-old baby girl.

Sunny Crest Manor is owned by a downstate limited liability corporation and is managed by Sarah Ross of Syracuse. Ross said the power shut off notices and her check to National Grid must have crossed in the mail.

"There's no power being shut off, there's no building being foreclosed." she said.

Late Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for National Grid said the "shut office notice is current and effective on May 6th." The spokesperson added that National Grid is "working actively to arrive at a positive solution" and that the owner "can reach out to our call center."

In January, the City of Syracuse notified residents it would turn off water to the complex. A spokesperson for the Mayor's office says the bill was paid before the order would have taken effect. The Mayor's office also confirms that there are 16 current code violations at Sunny Crest Manor and that city inspectors have visited the complex twice this month including today.