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      Syracuse-based social media site aims to make an impact in music niche

      Syracuse-based GigSMACK gives music lovers a place to connect outside of a crowded Facebook.

      F or an increasing number of teens and 20 somethings, Facebook is losing its throne as the king of social media.

      When it comes to younger audiences, F acebook can just be too much, and bigger is not always better. Instead, some social media users are looking for more specialized sites, and one local company is looking to find their niche.

      Syracuse based GigSMACK says their new social media site focuses on bands, live venues and fans, and it's growing faster than they ever expected. Since everyone on the site is either a musician or a fan of music, the site can connect like minded people.

      " W e've seen it come from basically nothing and it was very hard in the beginning to what it's grown to now , " says Vinny DiGiorgio, co-developer of GigSMACK.

      G ig SMACK is free and has already signed up 880 members : a relatively small number , but it's growing fast. Fans can locate bands and shows in their area, and then connect with other local users. By focusing on music, GigSMACK hopes to grow an active community.

      "T hey join, their friends, fans, search for local venues that are looking for performers ," says DiGiorgio.

      F or teens , the idea of interacting with smaller groups with similar interests is becoming more appealing , e ven if it means a social network that doesn't mean sharing everything with everyone all the time.

      "Y ou kind of have that niche, you kind of have that key group of people that you know is easy to communicate with that person or that group of people ," says Chris Biehn, who is visiting Syracuse University.

      G i gSMACK 's developers say the mobile versions should be ready within a month and an app is also being developed .