Syracuse Bishop Cunningham reacts to the Supreme Court's decision to toss out provision of Defense of Marriage Act

Bishop Robert Cunningham

Bishop Robert Cunningham of the Syracuse Diocese offered his response on the Supreme Courtâ??s decision to drop portions of the Defense of Marriage Act.

â??The decision of the Supreme Court today is both disappointing and disturbing. Todayâ??s decisions of the Supreme Court however, do not change the natural law which has been placed in our hearts since the beginning of time when God created man and woman. We believe that everyone should be treated equally because everyone has equal dignity. Men and women are equal but different. Sexual difference is essential to marriage so the issue becomes one not of equality but rather the purpose of marriage. There are many ways human rights can be protected and can be done without redefining marriage. Marriage encourages one man and one woman to establish a communion of love and life, enabling them to cooperate with God in the creation of new life. Todayâ??s decision demands that we continue to do all in our power to protect the traditional meaning of marriage and its God-given purpose.â??