Syracuse Bishop: Jesus would welcome the immigrant children

Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Cunningham of Syracuse says he spoke yesterday with Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, and supports her decision to extend the city as a potential host site for immigrant children coming across the southern border.

Syracuse is only the fourth city in the country to offer help in this way. The location generating the most interest from the government is the former Franciscan convent on Court Street in Syracuse. If the government requests to send children here, the decision would be made by the Sisters who owned the convent before they moved to a new location.

"Jesus would accept the children," Bishop Cunningham said. "We are a nation of immigrants, and I believe the vast majority of people believe that we should offer any and all help we possibly can. We are in a position to help, and the federal officials should know that," Cunningham added.

Earlier, in an open letter to the community the Bishop wrote, "In the midst of this debate that will continue over the course of months, one fact remains." "We must care for the children. Whether we agree with the method or the circumstance, the fact is that there are 52,000-plus children who are in our country who are in need right now."