Syracuse Catholic Church hosts Gay Pride prayer service

For the first time in the history of the Catholic Church in Syracuse, a member parish has hosted a Gay Pride prayer service. Tuesday evening, dozens of people of all different faiths gathered at All Saints Church on Lancaster Place on the city's east side. The prayer service was billed as a celebration of gay people and a recognition of the ongoing struggle for equality. All Saints Pastor Father Fred Daley said, "Our mission is to be open and welcoming to all people. I think that often religion of all types lose focus on that and can instead become instruments of isolation and segregation. We are trying to be sure to do our best to stop that at All Saints."

In 2004, Father Daley made headlines, especially among religious publications, when he came out to his congregation in Utica. The Roman Catholic Church's position on gays remains unchanged. Church doctrine considers them "intrinsically disordered" and prone to "evil tendencies." At the Pride prayer service, Fr. Daley said, "This is about God's love - God made all of us, and we teach that God is good. This event tonight is about inclusion and where there is inclusion there is light."

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