Syracuse celebrates 175th birthday of St. Marianne Cope

The selfless love of Central New York's own saint, Marianne Cope, is celebrated on what would have been her 175th birthday. The feast day of St. Marianne Cope was celebrated with an evening mass at the Franciscan Church of the Assumption in Syracuse.

Usually the feast of a saint is celebrated on the anniversary of their death. But in Mother Marriane's case that date was taken so to speak so the Vatican decided to celebrate her feast on the anniversary of her birth.

Eileen Sheehan says she turned to Mother Marianne when her niece's 14 year old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor

"It gave everyone the strength to go through this whole thing and see this 14 year old loose his sight, loose the use of his legs. He had to be retrained to walk," says Sheehan.

For her friend who shares the saint's name, Marryann Venditti, Cope's legacy means anything is possible.

"If she can do that with all that was going on then you can go on too," says Venditti.

Father Brad Milunski says Mother Marianne symbolizes what the Assumption Church stands for.

"I think its really the legacy of service, that's really part of our gospel tradition, that mother marianne carried on so well that is really what attracts people," says Father Brad.

In this full church, some were praying for someone, other just wanted to pray and strive to live in the example of a true saint.