Syracuse City Council votes Monday on $100 fine for unshoveled sidewalks

Syracuse residents could face $100 fine if they don't shovel their sidewalks.

For the second time today, Toni Corbacio of Syracuse is shoveling her sidewalk. She supports the idea of imposing a fine to make sure her neighbors do it too.

"I don't have a problem with the penalty. I think $25 for people is more reasonable. That's pretty steep," says Corbacio.

Money isn't the only issue that's causing people to get cold feet. Councilor Kathleen Joy expressed issues with the proposed ordinance during a city council meeting Wednesday.

"The police need to be out there catching bad guys or preventing crime. Not driving around looking for citations for bad sidewalks that aren't shoveled," says Joy.

Joy plans to vote against the plan. She's concerned about fining senior citizens or disabled people while the city sets a bad example leaving several of its properties unpaved.

"It's not fair for the community to have a penalty assessed when the city won't even follow its own guidelines," says Joy.

The city council will vote on the proposed ordinance on Monday. If it passes, it will go into effect immediately which means on a day like today, you would have until 6pm tomorrow night to shovel your sidewalks or you may face a fine.

Violators would face a warning first and exceptions will be made for the elderly and disabled, but at the end of the day, supporters say it's about safety. Councilor Bob Dougherty is proposing the ordinance.

"I routinely see kids walking on the street because of unshoveled sidewalks and corners where the snow has been piled up to make them impassable," says Dougherty.

With the snow still piling up

it would take a lot of digging to make sure city sidewalks are safe.