Syracuse City School District gets major money for renovations

The renovations that updated four schools in the Syracuse City School District could soon be headed toward other schools within the district.

The State Legislature and Governor Cuomo approved $300 million in funding for the second phase legislation of the Joint Construction School Board. The money will go towards up to 20 projects within the Syracuse City Schools.

The first phase of the JSCB involved renovations to four of the highest need schools in the district. Fowler, Central Tech, Dr. Weeks, and H.W. Smith all underwent major renovations during this phase.

The new legislation will also codify the board composition into state law. The board includes Mayor Stephanie Miner and Superintendent of Syracuse City Schools Sharon Contreras. In addition, Miner and Contreras each get to appoint two members to the board and make an additional joint appointment.

This board composition gives equal control to the city and the school district for all decisions.

The new funding is expected to cover one-third of all needed building repairs identified throughout the district. The board is also required to review any individual project that costs more than $30 million.

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