Syracuse City Schools moving forward with plan to add security cameras

The Syracuse City School District is moving forward with a plan to add public safety cameras to the neighborhoods near schools, according to a joint release by Mayor Miner and Syracuse City School District Superintendent Sharon Contreras.

â??Cameras have been an effective tool in creating safer neighborhoods in several areas where they have been introduced. We share the communityâ??s concerns to add more safety cameras in vital areas and have made every effort to expedite this process. However, it is the school districtâ??s fiduciary and legal responsibility to strictly follow federal and state guidelines concerning the use of federal education funds and to ensure the security of student data and school district personnel records,â?? the release said.

They further announced that the district lawyers are working on an agreement that would get the safety cameras in place, and they expect the agreement to be available for legislative approval â??as soon as possible.â??