Syracuse Common Councilors react to airport expansion

Syracuse's Hancock Airport.

This afternoon Syracuse Common Councilors met for the first time since the Mayor unveiled his plan to renovate Hancock International Airport. Mayor Matt Driscoll wants to spend $63 million dollars to expand the airport by some 147,000 square feet. The expansion would create a single main entry and security checkpoint for passengers flying out of Syracuse.

Post September 11th security requirements are more demanding than previous standards that existed when the airport was last renovated. The new construction will also incorporate green standards for building technology creating a more user friendly experience.

Councilors did not formally address the expansion plan at today's meeting, but Council President Bea Gonzalez expressed excitement about the proposal. Gonzalez said, "we need to make the airport as attractive as possible. Attractive and as friendly as possible for passengers and airlines and we're moving in that direction."

An existing $4.50 per ticket fee will pay for the aiport changes. Common Council approval will ultimately be required before construction can begin.