Syracuse couple finds presents for grandkids stolen from under Christmas tree

Yolande and Rafael Gonzalez returned home five days before Christmas to find gifts stolen from under the tree.

Yolande Gonzalez, 72, was the first to walk inside and find her home of 44 years trashed.

"That's when I found all of my stuff broken. The television was missing. The VCR. They trashed my bedroom so bad," says Gonzalez.

When Yolande and her husband Rafael returned home from a night of bingo last Saturday they realized thieves got in through a back window, stealing a TV, jewelry, and worst of all, the Christmas gifts under their tree.

"When it came time to open the gifts, they didn't have my gifts. Tha'ts what made me the most upset you know? My gifts for them," says Gonzalez.

With five children, six grandchildren and four great grandchildren, there were a lot of gifts under their Christmas tree.

A strange coincidence is that this isn't the first time something like this has happened to the Gonzalez family. Five years ago right around the holidays their sister-in-law had her presents stolen from underneath her Christmas tree.

The Gonzalez's were determined to not let this Grinch steal their Christmas.

"We told ourselves. Whoever did this they're not going to spoil our Christmas because we had a nice Christmas," says Gonzalez.

Their big family still came over and enjoyed a nice Christmas Eve together and counted their many blessings.

"At least we didn't get hurt. We're very lucky that we didn't get hurt. I cant imagine if we came home at the time. What would happen to us," says Gonzalez.