Syracuse coworkers receive their oversized prize after winning the lottery

City of Syracuse employees pooled together to win a million dollars.

If it seems like the script of a TV show, that's because it was (though short lived). But in Syracuse Thursday, the legend of the "office lottery pool" came to fruition for a group of Syracuse employees.

The New York Lottery presented the over-sized $1 million check to the group of 22 coworkers that collectively won the prize from December 13th's Mega Millions drawing. The winners all work together for the City of Syracuse in the Department of Engineering and the Department of Finance.

"The jackpot for that evening's drawing was $425 million, so everybody chipped in, and I bought the tickets," said Ray Wills, who bought the group's Quick Pick tickets at the Hess on Erie Boulevard. The group start a pool whenever the jackpot gets over $100 million.

"I didn't know right away that we won. One of my coworkers called me on Saturday morning asking me if he was reading the numbers the right way." Willis rebooted his computer a few times just to make sure. When he finally believed the numbers to be right, he called the rest of the group.

The coworkers claimed their prize December 17 at the Lottery's Syracuse Customer Service Center. The group will collectively split the prize and will receive $661,800 after required withholdings. They plan on paying bills, loans, and donating to charity.

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